Date: October 08,2014

Chang Yi-Meng Goes to Japan to Achieve Her Dream

       Since she was a child, CJCU alumni Chang Yi-Meng has been fascinated by Japanese culture.  At CJCU, Chang studied in the Department of Applied Japanese, where she specialized in oral interpretation.  After graduation from CJCU, she went to Japan for further study and now works in Taiwan as an interpreter.   When asked to give advice to others who want to enter a career in interpretation, Chang emphasized that there are no short cuts.  According to Chang, students can’t just dream about becoming an interpreter; they have to pay a price that includes diligence in and out of class, attention to grammar and sentence structures, and a determination to listen and speak the foreign language as often as possible.  Chang also mentioned that students need to overcome the fear of making mistakes.  In her own career, she had to learn not to be afraid to ask customers to repeat what they had said if she did not understand the first time.


        While Chang was studying at CJCU, she served as the leader of service learning teams continuously until she graduated.  She is grateful for this experience and believes it has helped her become a person of harmony.

Chang Yi-Meng