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Date: March 10,2014

Campus Facilities





The CJCU library is one of the favorite hang-outs of CJCU students. It is equipped with air-conditioning, cushioned easy chairs, wireless Internet, multi-media rooms, a DVD collection, and other multimedia resources. English holdings are on the 5th floor.

Art Gallery:

The campus art gallery is located in the basement level of the library and often features works by the faculty and students of the Department of Fine Arts.


The campus bookstore is located in the basement level of the library and sells a variety of school supplies and stationery.


There is a fitness center with various exercise equipment; user cards (good for 30 visits)are available for NT$500.


Other Athletic Facilities:

There are basketball courts, tennis courts, a roller skating rink, and a track on campusgrounds; there are also facilities for table tennis and billiards.

Star Radio:

A student-operated radio station (FM88.3) is located on the 8th floor of the Second Academic Building.