Date: June 01,2017

CJCU Got New Education Partner in Thailand

On May 31, nine representatives of Dara Academy School in Chiang Mai, Thailand visited CJCU and signed the International Cooperation Agreement. In the Agreement signed by Dr. Yung-Lung Lee, president of CJCU and Dr. Chuanpis Liengphrapaipant from Dara Academy, both schools promise to cooperate and support each other as partners of education. Both schools are planning to share educational resources, to initiate academic or practical researches, to exchange students and fellowship programs and to hold seminars and contests together.

The signing ceremony was supported by a student of the Department of Tourism, Food and Beverage Management, CJCU who came from Thailand. Wearing the traditional clothing of Thailand, he welcomed all participants and assisted in the ceremony.


Dara Academy is a private, coeducational Christian school founded by members of the Church of Christ in Thailand. It has the highest enrollment of any school in Northern Thailand. It also has elementary school, junior high school and senior high school. "Dara" means "star" in Thai language.