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Date: March 10,2014

Food Services

There are two main student dining areas: one in the basement of Dormitory 3 and one in the Activity Center. The food court in the basement of Dormitory 3 has approximately seven vendors that sell a variety of inexpensive Taiwanese-style meals. Other on-campus food concessions include an outdoor coffee/tea shop next to the gymnasium, an indoor coffee shop restaurant in the basement of the library next to the bookstore, and a bakery in the First Dormitory.

The two on-campus 7-11 convenience stores (First and Third Dormitories) sell a variety of food items—but keep in mind that 7-11 cuisine is no substitute for a balanced diet! Even if you are trying to save money, don’t attempt to live on instant noodles.

There are at least another ten restaurants within walking distance, most of which offer bargain-rate student fare. The “Champs-Élysées” (a favorite lunch spot for faculty members) is somewhat more upscale but despite the name, it does not serve any French dishes.

There is a grocery store less than a block west of the student gate.

Although there are a number of food options on campus and in the nearby community, western-style meals are hard to find. However, the opening of the Shalun rail link makes it easy to travel to Tainan, where there is a wide variety of western foods and ethnic cuisines— but students who are craving a chimichanga (or other Mex-American fare) may have to travel to Kaohsiung… or Kenting.

Monthly food budget

Most local students find that NT $5000/ month is sufficient to cover the cost of food.