Date: October 30,2014

Self Realization after Illness

Self Realization after Illness


Huang Yixuan found out that he had leukemia when he was a senior in high school. When he was hospitalized, his biggest dream was to go to university. After his condition stabilized, he got into the Department of Philosophy and Religion. In class, students explore human nature through debates. Because of these debates, Huang, who was very shy, has become an articulate speaker, which would be helpful in his future plan to open up a music studio.


Huang believes that everyone must find his or her interest to pursue in university and not waste time. He was also once indecisive, vacillating between majors. His illness was a wake up call. For him, finding one’s goal is of the utmost importance.

Being a music class assistant at church helped Huang find his goal and start his personal musical career. He learned how to play the guitar and the ukulele, as well as drums and cajon. He also got his busking license to perform on the street. Because he is doing what he loves, he does not find it tiring. After being trained to be an eloquent speaker, Huang finds it easy to teach and communicate with the parents of his students, thus giving him more energy to devote to teaching.


Huang tries to imbue his students with the idea of humility. He wants his students to ask for help with any deficiencies with humility. This is the way to improve. He also teaches his classes with all genres of music, not just classical music. The richness of the material makes his students love learning.