Date: June 10,2017

2017 Commencement Ceremony Was Held

2017 commencement ceremony of CJCU was held at 6:00 p.m. on June 10, on the green grass playground in its campus. Attended by some 2,300 graduates and their families, the ceremony was conducted in the order of hymn, prayer, Bible reading, sermon and ceremony of washing feet.

The ceremony of washing feet has been a very special event in the commencement ceremony of CJCU since its first time. After the washing of the feet of 12 graduates by 12 board members and deans, the president and the chairman of the board of directors and some special guests delivered addresses and encouraged the graduates. The donation of graduation certificates followed and some graduates were awarded special prizes. One of them was An Ting Song, graduate of Fine Art Department, who was born with cerebral palsy but could overcome her handicap thanks to the devoted support of her parents, particularly of her mother who had accompanied her to school during last four years.


All graduates expressed their thanks to CJCU, sang the school song altogether and the ceremony ended with the performances of celebration by the students and the fireworks.