Educational Purpose and Philosophy

Educational Purpose:

Chang Jung Christian University was established in the spirit of Christian love that led Christ to lay down his life for the world. Our purpose is to cultivate scholars of the highest caliber who will be guided by the ideals of “devotion, diligence, honor, and service” to cherish our nation, contribute to society, and serve humanity.

Educational Philosophy:

Chang Jung Christian University seeks to carry on the historical traditions and rich cultural heritage of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. As it pursues its goal of sustainable, holistic education, CJCU strives to continue the devotion to God, the love of wisdom, and the commitment to education shown by the early Presbyterian missionaries. It also seeks to create a campus culture that upholds democratic freedoms; advances original thinking; promotes a global worldview; imparts beauty to body, mind, and soul; and affirms the dignity and value of life. The University values diversity and openness and seeks to cultivate a lifelong love of learning, critical thinking, excellence in leadership, innovation, and vision for the future. By striving to provide the finest education possible in each of its five colleges, CJCU is responding to the divine call to “pass the torch” to the next generation and to raise up individuals of exemplary character who will excel in their fields and shine among their 21st century contemporaries.

College of Management

College of Health Sciences

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

College of Information and Design

International School of Business

College of Safety and Health Sciences

College of Theology

College of Continuing Education

International College of Practice and Education for the Environment

School of Liberal Arts Education