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Dining & Boarding

The CJCU campus and its boarding facilities together provide a comfortable, convenient and safe learning environment supportive of student physical and mental health. The four dormitories have about 3,000 spaces in total. For those students living outside of school, we recommend high quality accommodation, conduct safety inspections of them, and cooperate with the regional neighborhood watch to maintain community safety.

  1. Complete Living Functions:

    Dorm facilities include triple and quad rooms with A/C, broadband Internet, hot water supply, coin-operated washing machines and spin dryers, and lounges. At school, we have convenience stores, a bookstore, student restaurant, ATM, study center, reading rooms and so on.

  2. Comprehensive Security Measures:

    We have custodians on duty 24 hrs a day conducting security monitoring to provide students with a safe environment.

  3. Recreation and Fitness Space:

    We have a multi-purpose stadium, athletic field, fitness center, camping area, orchards and so on; where students can develop friendships and strengthen physical ability.

  4. Besides the dorms, every school building is equipped with a security system. Military Training Instructors are on duty 24 hrs to maintain campus security. Security guards conduct regular and irregular campus patrols every day.

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