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Why Taiwan?
  • Taiwan higher education offers high value:  high-quality programs for tuition rates that are low by North American and Japanese standards.
  • The government of Taiwan offers a generous program of scholarships and strongly promotes study by international students at its institutions of higher learning.
  • Taiwan is a democracy with political and religious freedom; it is a place where the real issues facing the global Chinese-speaking community can be freely discussed… and the Internet is not censored.
  • Public safety is good; students roam happily through university neighborhoods until midnight.
  • Taiwan’s National Health Insurance program is excellent.

Why Tainan?
  • Tainan is famous throughout Taiwan for its generous citizens and its renqing wei (“personal affection,” i.e., warm hospitality).
  • Tainan is a center of traditional culture but also the site of cutting-edge technological development.  The companies in the Southern Taiwan Science Park are expanding; according to a 2011 report of the National Science Council, the STSP is expected to create 18,000-20,000 new jobs over the next three years.
  • The cost of living is lower than it is in Taipei.
  • The weather is better than the weather in Taipei:  winters are warmer and sunnier and summers are (slightly!) cooler.

  • CJCU emphasizes community; we believe that learning should take place in the context of caring relationships. 
  • CJCU emphasizes service to humanity:  “to serve, not to be served.”
  • As a Christian university, we value each student as an individual with unique God-given gifts and callings, and we place strong value on justice, peacebuilding, and stewardship of the environment.
  • CJCU is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan, a proponent of high-quality education and a strong advocate of local culture and Taiwan’s indigenous peoples.  As a community made up of people from many faith backgrounds and cultures, we share a deep love for Taiwan.
  • With the opening of the Shalun Line in January 2011, CJCU is the only university in Taiwan with its own rail station.  The rail link makes it possible to travel from any station on the Taiwan High Speed Rail or from Taiwan’s conventional rail system to the front gate of the University.