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Overseas Student Medical Insurance

All overseas students, both degree students and exchange students, should arrange for at least 6 months of health insurance before their enrollment. Proof of health insurance is a prerequisite for enrollment.

If you are failing to provide the documents, you must be required to join the Overseas Student Medical Insurance. This insurance is provided by Cathay Life Insurance Company. The fee for 6 months is NTD3,000.

*Claims information:

Claims regulations are according to the contract of the insurance.

1. Please go to hospitals or clinics which join with National Health Insurance.
2. Apply a medical certificate and keep all receipts.
3. Hand in all required documents for applying claims to OIA.

Required documents

●all original receipts
●medical certificate
●a copy of bank or post office account book
●a copy of ARC
●Claims applying form

※ The money will transfer to your account by the Insurance company.

Download: PDFCathy Insurance Content PDF Claims Applying Form

National Health Insurance, NHI

In Taiwan, NHI is a mandatory program so anyone qualified for the regulations of the program must enroll. Any qualified one who doesn't enroll will be fined and be required to pay all premium counted from the date she or he should have been enrolled.

After you enroll in NHI program, you will receive a NHI card. This card can be used at hospitals and clinics which join NHI system in Taiwan and you will receive a significant discount on medical fee.

International students who are qualified for enrolling in NHI program may apply for the program through CJCU or the local district office. Qualifications:

(1) After entering Taiwan and receiving an ARC, you have stayed in Taiwan for six consecutive months.

Or (2) After entering Taiwan and receiving an ARC, you have ever exited Taiwan once for less than 30 days. After the number of days that you have been away from Taiwan is deducted, the period of staying Taiwan amounts to six months.

*Applying for NHI through CJCU Notice

(1) Applying for NHI

A. Students Applying NHI for the first time, please hand in the following documents to OIA.

● 1 photo (2")
● ARC and a copy of ARC
● NHI Card Application Form

B. If you transfer to CJCU, please hand in the NHI transfer report from your original school to OIA with your ARC and a copy of ARC.

C. After you join NHI through CJCU, every semester six months NHI fee will be included in registration fee. It will be NTD 4,494 (NTD749/one month).

(2) Transferring NHI

If you graduate and work in Taiwan or transfer to other universities, please come to OIA to deal with the NHI transfer.

(3)Cancelling NHI

If you graduate, discontinue studies, or are suspended from studying at CJCU, please come to OIA to cancel your NHI coverage, and receive refund for payment of NHI premiums.

Download:DOCNHI Card Application Form