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Chang Jung Christian University offers scholarships to encourage international students to study at CJCU and to reward outstanding international degree students who are already enrolled in a course of study at CJCU.

Prospective students are encouraged to apply for scholarships at the same time that they apply admission. International students who are already enrolled at CJCU at least one academic year, ranked at the 50% top of the class and had conduct grades higher than 80 for each semester may also apply for scholarships.

Application and review of applications are carried out on a yearly basis. Application deadline for new students is June 30 of the year they apply admission; that for returning students is July 15.

The number of scholarships awarded and the amount of the scholarship award varies according to budget. In general, international scholarships consist of tuition waivers or cost-of-living stipends NTD20,000 for 1 year.

Prospective international students are also encouraged to apply for a Taiwan Scholarship. Applications should be made to the representative office of Taiwan in the student's home country; the application period for Taiwan scholarships is February 1- March 31. Students who are already recipients of MOE Taiwan Scholarship may not apply for CJCU scholarships for international degree students.

1.MOE Taiwan Scholarship

English introduction

2.MOFA Taiwan Scholarship

English introduction

3.CJCU International Student Scholarship

Please refer to the attachments for detail information.

Application deadline Required Materials
New student June 30 Application form, 2 letters of recommendation, plan of study, autobiography, transcript from highest level of study completed at the time of application, proof of language proficiency in Chinese or English
Students who have studied in CJCU at least 1 academic year July 15 Application form, copy of student ID, transcript of grades in CJCU(rank shown)、2 letters of recommendation from teachers in applicant's department, other relevant documents

Download:PDFCJCU International Degree Student Scholarship