CJCU Research Centers


Environmental Research and Information Center


Through the integration of information from diverse channels and related skilled services, the environmental research and information center can monitor, simulate, analyze, manage, promote and educate on various forms of environmental information. The center is involved in the research and development of new technologies in this field.

Technical Services
  • atmospheric environment
  • water environment
  • environmental risk management
  • environmental education
  • environmental biotechnology

Main Equipment
  • PC-Cluster
  • Foam-free Oxygen Dissolution Apparatus
  • meteorological tower
  • mercury analyzer

Center for Social Empowerment, Taiwan


Center for Social Empowerment, Taiwan (COSET) reflects the characteristics and achievements of contemporary Taiwanese society.

Technical Services
  • research development
  • professional consulting service
  • translation and publication
  • education and exchanges


Innovative Research Center for Medicine


The center targets the diagnosis and prevention of the molecular causes of disease, and investigates combinations of natural products for the best healing effect, facilitates correlation studies in pharmaceutical research and develops academia-industry cooperation in health technology research and development.

Technical Services
  • correlation studies in the application of natural products in the prevention and treatment of diseases
  • correlation studies in the application of natural products in aging reversal
  • correlation studies in disease mechanisms
  • assessment of the function of health food

Main Equipment
  • flow cytometer
  • confocal microscope
  • phase-contrast and fluorescence Microscopy
  • infrared ray in vivo imaging system (Licor oddsey)
  • nano sizer


Silver Industry Research Center


Full-time faculty from various departments and colleges are engaged in interdisciplinary research and academic exchange in support of age-related [This is a guess, since the topic is not stated] programs from the Ministry of Education, National Science Council, Ministry of Health and Welfare (formerly the Department of Health) and National Health Insurance Administration.

Technical Services
  • Program of senior citizens’ active life-long university learning
  • Academia industry cooperative program
  • International exchange

  • Main Equipment
  • Strength training machines for chest abdominal leg muscles
  • Body composition analyzer, bone mineral density detection instrument and so on


Formosa Christianity and Culture Research Center


CJCU and Tainan Theological College and Seminary are the academic institutions of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. They share the missions of education and research and are duty-bound to enhance the level of Formosa Christianity academic research. CJCU has a responsibility to be a university with indigenous spirit in Taiwan, while Tainan Theological College and Seminary have a tradition of research focus on indigenous theology. These institutions apply their combined teaching resources to , Christian studies, and have established the Formosa Christianity and Culture Research Centerto coordinate their efforts.

Technical Services
  • Training of deacons and presbyters
  • Holding theological seminars, Bible studies and symposiums on issues related Christian faith
  • Publication


Occupational Safety, Health and Medicine Research Center


ur center promotes cooperative research and development into. improved techniques for national environmental monitoring and remediation, fire prevention and suppression, safety, public health and hygiene and medical technology, undertaken by industry, medical institutions and collegesworking together

Technical Services
Department of environmental and
risk assessment
  1. The development of environmental engineering techniques
  2. Accumulating risk assessment data
  3. The development of risk assessment technology (software and hardware research and development)
  4. The implementation of risk assessment programs
Department of fire prevention and safety engineering technology
  1. The development of safety engineering technology(technologies of machinery safety, electrical safety, construction safety and environmental saftey )
  2. The implementation of safety engineering technology program
  3. The development of fire prevention technology
  4. The integration of fire prevention and safety databases
Department of occupational medicine
  1. Occupational disease research
  2. Epidemiology research correlation studies in medical institutions
Department of
health and hygiene technology
  1. Operational environmental testing and exposure assessment
  2. Biological monitoring and biostatistics
  3. Environmental health
Main Equipment
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Heating tester
  • Electrostatic voltmeter
  • Smoke tester
  • Stationary detector
  • (IR) Visual Infrared Thermometer
  • hot wire anemometer
  • explosion simulation device
  • refractometer
  • semi-automatic Pensky-Martens closed cup flash point tester
  • hot wire anemometer
  • sound level meter
  • sound level meter
  • multi gas detector
  • photoelectric tachometer


Center for Land and Environment Development


Our center aims to promote sustainable land development and use in Taiwan., at a time of rapid environmental change, through the development of an integrated information platform technology for comprehensive land management by a multi-disciplinary team of researchers.

Technical Services
  • Disaster prevention operation plan
  • Real estate management planning
  • Land use development planning

Contact Us

CJCU website:http://www.cjcu.edu.tw
Address:No.1,Changda Rd.,Gueiren District, Tainan City 71101, Taiwan(R.O.C.)
TEL:886-6- 2785-123

  • Director General of Occupational Safety, Health and Medicine Research Center, Ho, San-Ping (#1680, 3146)
  • Director General of Innovative Research Center for Medicine, Chen Hung-I (#3010)
  • Director General of Silver Industry Research Center, Lin Wender (#3099)
  • Director General of Environmental Research and Information Center, Lai, Hsin-Chih
  • Director General of Center for Land and Environment Development, Chou, Shih-Hsiung
  • Director General of Formosa Christianity and Culture Research Center
  • Director General of Center for Social Empowerment, Taiwan, Hwang Tay-Lin