Date: May 16,2017

Blessings for New Adults of CJCU

On May 15, at the lobby of the International Conference Hall in the Administration Building, Chaplain Office of CJCU held the “Blessing Worship for New Adults of CJCU”. In the worship, students who became adults announced their determination as adults; and pastors of the Chaplain Office laid their hands on the heads of students and blessed for them. This worship is one of annual events of the Chaplain Office. It was inaugurated in order to encourage and bless the students to start their new stage of life with new vision and determination for their future life and for the world.



This year, the worship was preceded by two activities. One was “Let’s Walk Ten Kilometers Together” held on April 22, of which the goal was to have a field trip observing the environmental situation around the campus. Another one was “Cycling Expedition to Wushan Dam” held on May 7, riding 90 km. It was organized to remind the importance of the management of water resources. Both activities aimed at the physical training and seif-discipline, too.