Date: April 28,2017

VOA News Is on Air through Star Radio

Star Radio, a radio channel of CJCU (FM 88.3 MHz), began to air the news programs of the Voice of America (VOA) starting from the 1st of May. The news of the VOA is broadcasted for 30 minutes every morning from 9 a.m.  It includes 5 minutes of “VOA Newscast” which reports latest hot issues of the world and 25 minutes of “VOA Asia” which does the in-depth report of Asian issues. Star Radio is planning to expand its cooperation with VOA from news programs to other programs on culture and information of the life in America.



CJCU arranged to set up a radio station “The Voice of Chang Jung” for practical training in 1999. With great help from a well-known Tainan local radio station "The Voice of Victor", including equipment and skills, Star Radio was established in 2000. It offers a range of program types for its audience. It broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Half of its programs are produced by the students of CJCU and other programs are from other colleges' broadcasting stations and commercial radios. Language teaching programs, including English and Japanese, are among the most popular. Star Radio of the Voice of Chang Jung is expected to be the star which leads every teenager to find the truth of how wisdom grows. This is why it was named “Star Radio.”