Date: May 02,2017

Field Trip for Eco-Education through the Experience of Aboriginal Cultures

The Aboriginal Students Resource Center of the CJCU conducted a field trip to the Lushan Forest Museum in Taitung City. The group comprising 35 students was led by Director of the Office of Students Affairs, Head of the Extracurricular Activities Team and assistants for aboriginal students. The participants experienced a special life for one night two days at a remote place without electricity.


The Field Trip of Aboriginal Cultures is a regular program of every semester for both aboriginal and non-aboriginal students. The aim of this program is to introduce the culture of various aboriginal tribes and to foster the preservation and development of their traditional cultures. Participants of the program visited the Lushan Forest Museum this semester and they could learn and experience the way of life and ethics of the Bunong Tribe. The museum built in the mountain forest with big old trees has no electricity and sells no souvenir. Therefore the participants could have the opportunity of pure ecological learning and life education.