Date: May 25,2017

Annual Exhibition by the Department of Fine Arts

On May 22, the 105 school year’s Exhibition of the Department of Fine Arts, CJCU had its brilliant opening. The exhibition was divided into two sections of two-dimensional and three-dimensional works, each of which comprised various materials such as watercolor, oil color, mixed-material, metal, ceramic, porcelain and so on. Not only students put their works expressing their rich emotion and aesthetic taste on the exhibition but faculties also joined the exhibition with their works.


In order to encourage the students and to raise their level of creation, CJCU established the CJCU Award. Two students shared the grand prize this year: one student with two-dimensional work titled “An Experimental No. 3C1946C73P48S” and another student with three-dimensional work titled “Children’s Taste”. Other two students were also awarded for their works. The exhibition was held until May 26 at the CJCU Art Gallery.