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Greeting from the President:

We warmly welcome all those who are visiting these web pages for the first time and invite you to learn more about Chang Jung Christian University.

We are a young, dynamic institution, but our history dates back to the establishment of Taiwan’s first western-style high school (now Chang Jung High School) in 1885. Chang Jung Christian University seeks to be faithful to the Christian ideals of love and service as it continues in its role as an educational pioneer in Taiwan. We strive to offer a holistic education that cherishes the individual and views each person as a possessor of unique gifts that take shape in the context of encouraging relationships, are developed through the formation of strong character, and will only be fully realized through a lifetime of learning and willingness to serve others.

At the same time, we seek to offer forward-looking academic programs of the highest quality which will prepare learners of all ages to contribute to a sustainable, knowledge-based economy that preserves the integrity of the Earth’s ecosystems for future generations. No matter where you are in life, if you are serious about developing your potential to its fullest, Chang Jung Christian University invites you to join a learning community that is pursuing excellence as the best Private University in Southern Taiwan.