Campus tour

Administration Building
  1. Student Self-Learning Center

    The Student Self-Learning Center is a place where students can freely come and use the computer and other facilities. It’s open from 9:00-19:00, Monday through Friday.

  2. Faculty Lounge

    Faculty Lounge provides tea and coffee makers and showers, where faculty and guests are welcome to relax and have small meetings.

  3. International Conference Hall

    The International Conference Hall is equipped with cutting-edge facilities, including Simultaneous Interpreting Booths. Many international conferences are held there.

David Landsborough Memorial Library

The library is a 6-story green building with a basement. Natural lighting comes indoors through many windows. Many trees and bushes are planted around the library. It houses about half a million books and reference materials. The multi-media center located on the 5F is students’ favorite spot.

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Computer and Network Center

The Computer and Network Center provides high-speed internet access. Students can use the facility as much as they want.

First Academic Building

The First Academic building is the oldest building at CJCU. Currently it is home to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Second Academic Building

It’s a Cambridge-style architecture with a grassland courtyard in the center. The shepherd sculptured in relief at the entrance is one of CJCU’s artic show-pieces.

Third Academic Building

The Third Academic Building is the newest teaching building, home to the College of Management, which is the largest college with the most students.

Student Dorms

There are four student dorms at CJCU campus. They provide accommodation to more than 3,000 students while the rest stay in the boarding houses near campus or commute from home. pic-01 / pic-02

  1. Innovation & Incubation Center
    Located in the first Student Dorm, the center is the place where students can dream their dreams and make their dreams come true.[This might be usefully backed-up with a more specific explanation]
  2. 7-11
    The convenience store is a characteristic feature of Taiwan. You can see one at every street corner because it provides all kinds of services from food, clothes, accommodation [ Never heard of that. Seems to imply a 7-11 hostel] , transportation, education, and recreation.
  3. International students housing
CJCU Station
Other sites (photos)
Art Boulevard Eco-pond and Happy Café Field and multi-purpose basketball court Lychee (or lichee) garden
BBQ Area Student Activity Center
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Gymnasium CJCU Bookstore