CJCU About CJCUMission and Vision

Mission and Vision


Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) was established with the traditions and cultural features of Taiwan’s Presbyterian Church throughout history. It has inherited the devoutness of English missionaries, enlightening wisdom, and spirit that brought the missionaries to Taiwan to open schools and spread the Gospel, dedicating their lives to preaching the truth, and abiding by the teachings of Jesus Christ of righteousness, universal love, and salvation. CJCU advocates a democratic and liberal academic atmosphere, unrestrained creative thinking, and broad international perspectives. It is dedicated to holistic, sustainable education, improving the body, heart and soul, and recognizing the dignity and value of life.

Educational purpose

CJCU was founded based on the salvation and universal love of Jesus Christ, and aims to cultivate knowledgeable talent that is devout, diligent, honorable, and has the spirit of service. It has the vision and mission to make contributions to the nation and society, serve the people, and provide practical education.

Educational goals

To establish a campus with freedom, democracy, diversity, and an open academic atmosphere; to reveal paths for lifelong learning; to cultivate outstanding youth with critical thinking, adaptability to innovation, excellent leadership, forward-looking and broad perspectives, and emphasize management science, health science, humanities and social sciences, information engineering, and religious studies; we hope to thus make students highly qualified intellectuals and modern citizens who have universal love, righteousness, service and dedication.